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Father Creedon on Immigration and the Church

Published on 06 Sep 2018 / In Music

Father Gerry Creedon, Pastor of St. Charles Borromeo in Arlington, VA. Interviewed by Annabel Park for 9500Liberty on the recent uproar in surrounding areas of Northern Virginia over the issue of illegal immigration. This is part one of a series from this interview, conducted prior to the Nov. 6, 2007 election around which much of the controversy was created.

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Duy Lệ
Duy Lệ 11-9-2016

It’s raining cats and dogs = It’s raining heavily

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Hạ Hân
Hạ Hân 26-8-2017

Ø Yeah sure, the more, the merrier.

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Từ Chung
Từ Chung 24-12-2017

I’m the man of my word. – Tôi là người giữ lời hứa

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Thanh Ðan
Thanh Ðan 27-6-2016

Their relationship is not free and easy but at least he is no longer looking daggers at her.

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Bội Ðường
Bội Ðường 11-7-2016

You cannot get married until you are 18, it’s out of the question.

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Lê Ngọc
Lê Ngọc 3-11-2015

Ø Yeah sure, the more, the merrier.

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Họa Kim
Họa Kim 7-6-2017


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Hà Xuyến
Hà Xuyến 23-6-2015

Where the hell have you been? – Câu đã ở đâu bao lâu nay vậy?

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Hạc Thoa
Hạc Thoa 14-4-2017


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Vân Khanh
Vân Khanh 25-4-2017

You’re bound to be late if you don’t hurry.

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